Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips to Prevent Clogging

Check Out Some Helpful Tips to Avoid Clogging

Drain Tech is committed to providing complete safety from drain clogging. Here are some useful tips which can help you avoid clogging in the kitchen and bathroom lines.

Tips to Avoid Kitchen Clogging
  • Pour kitchen grease into empty cans and dispose them in the garbage, not down the drain
  • Run lots of cold water when using the garbage disposal
  • Don't put coffee grounds down the drain
  • Once a week, pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain to melt away fat and grease
  • Preventive service is available to remove build-up and roots. Ask your technician if this service would help your plumbing remain clog-free

Tips for Preventing Bathroom Clogs

  • Clean the pop-up stoppers in sink frequently. Hair is the cause of most clogs
  • Never flush heavy paper products down the toilet

General Advice

  • Don't dump chemicals like paint or paint thinner down the drain
  • Don't pour hot wax into the drain
  • Dumping acid into your septic system is against the law
  • Get regular inspections of your home septic tank
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