Camera Inspections

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a drain camera inspection is priceless. A camera inspection is the best way to accurately diagnose problems and locate lines. We recommend a camera inspection if you have recurring blockages or are completing due diligence for a home purchase. This will save you money in the long term by avoiding unnecessary and costly replacements until absolutely necessary.

What it includes

A camera inspection will cost $250, which includes high resolution digital footage with detailed narration from our technician and pipe locating and/or marking1. We use the highest quality camera inspection equipment so you can clearly see the condition of your main line. We upload the digital footage to the cloud and provide a shared link so you can download and save it for your records. If we identify any breaks in the line, we will use a specialized device to locate and mark the issue above ground. We also provide the exact depth of the pipe.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence Sewer Scope

We always recommend a camera inspection when buying a house to determine if there any major issues lurking underneath your new front yard. Similar to radon testing, many states now require pre-inspection sewer line inspections for a reason. It is very common for older homes or homes with trees to have roots or other obstructions that will require costly repair.

We know your time is valuable, so we work with you or your realtor to schedule and coordinate the camera inspection at a convenient time. If we are meeting someone at the property, we can provide an exact time rather than our typical 2-hour window. After the inspection, our technician will share their findings and we will share a link to download the video file from the cloud so you can make an informed decision before the due diligence period expires.


1. Please call our office to confirm pricing over the phone. We charge a reasonable fee to cover gas for jobs outside of Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties. We also charge a $100 overtime fee for cabling and a $100 overtime fee for jetting. We also charge a $100 after-hours fee for emergency service on nights, weekends, and holidays.